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February 12, 1995

INTERVIEWER: Michael Connelly

Recently I sat down with long-time Williamsport resident Caroline Montgomery to discuss with her the legend of the Grand Hotel, aka Hotel 32. Ms. Montgomery was a child when the disappearances of the 32 occurred.

Interviewer: Thank you for agreeing to speak with me Ms. Montgomery. Many of your fellow Williamsport neighbors wouldn't talk to me about the legend.

Caroline Montgomery: There is a lot of fear about the hotel. It was drilled into us at a young age to never go up there.

Interviewer: So can you tell me in your own words what the legend of The Grand Hotel is, or as they call it Hotel 32?

CM: From what I've gathered over the years, the story goes like this: Back when the Grand Hotel first opened, all of the guests disappeared, just vanished into thin air. Bags, cars, and all sorts of things were left behind. But the people were gone. And everyone thinks that the cops covered it all up. Then the people at the town hall had a meeting and agreed to board it up, stating that the building is condemned.

Interviewer: Did you ever go up to the hotel?

CM: Of course. You tell a child to not do something the first thing they do is go out and do it. It was kind of like a right of passage for the school kids around here. Dares to go touch the front door, stuff like that. I remember the day some grade school friends and I went up there. It was in November, just before Thanksgiving, because we had off from school. A small group of us were hanging around, bored because we had nothing to do. I forget how it came up, but we decided to go up to the old hotel, check out it. We get up there and I'll never forget the knot in my stomach. Looking back on it now, it was kind of a fear like you know that this isn't a good idea but can't figure out why you feel that. So long story short, we dared one of the boys to go touch the door handle. Boy, I'll tell you I've never seen anyone move so fast in my life. He ran up and in a flash he was back on his bicycle.

Interviewer: Did you see or notice anything out of place while you were up there?

CM: I haven't personally. It was just the feeling, you know, but I've heard stories of folks who say they've seen faces in the top windows… people hear banging coming from the inside…

Interviewer: Can you elaborate on the resident's feelings and attitudes towards the hotel?

Interviewer: What do you remember about the night the hotel burned down?

CM: I just remember waking up from the sirens going off- you would off thought it was a nuclear war. I remember saying a quick prayer, like I always do when I hear emergency vehicles going by. And then I remember reading about it the next day in the paper.

Interviewer: I've heard that some officials think that it could have been arson that took the old building down. Any thoughts on that?

CM: I would say it's a strong possibility. A lot of people were quite happy when the old hotel was gone, I'll tell you that much. There was a general dislike of the building- it was kind of a taboo topic. But, I myself, don't like to listen to the gossip.

Interviewer: Last question. Do you believe that the hotel was haunted?

[She takes awhile to respond]

CM: I can't lie and say that I liked the place. I have never felt the same level of fear that I felt when I was up there that day as a child. For me to remember that fear after all of these years just shows that something wasn't right.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time Ms. Montgomery.

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