The Williamsport Legend

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The Legend of Hotel 33


In the early morning hours of May 11,1953, Policemen at the Williamsport Police Department were arriving at the station, expecting to embark on a typical day- fairly calm and uneventful. By 7:30am, however, life in Williamsport would never be the same again.
At 7:15 am, Captain Daniel Haroldy, known by the locals as "Captain Jack," received a phone call that stopped him in his tracks. A woman by the name of Jane Lewis was in hysterics, “Please help me! My mother is missing... they're all gone! Everybody's gone!"
"Calm down, ma'am. Just slow down," the Captain retorted. "Who's missing?"
"Everyone! All the people up at the Grand Hotel," her voice quaked.
One of the officers listening couldn't believe what he heard. Not a word was exchanged between the two men. They were on their feet on out the door.
Sirens roared, back up was called and nearly the entire police department headed toward the Grand Hotel.
When they arrived at the hotel, they were awestruck by what they had seen: cars lined the parking lots, the coffee was still hot, clothes and suitcases scattered the rooms, but the people were gone.
Every last soul- 32.
Immediately a volunteer search and rescue squad was formed and they combed a 25- mile radius from the hotel.
No person was ever recovered.


The Chief of Police immediately ordered a 14-person commission to decide what to do about the tragic disappearance of 32 people. Each person took their turn to share their ideas about what they think could have happened and what should be done about it.
After a 3 week deliberation, the group eventually decided to board up the hotel, making it a hazard zone and to not speak of the incident to the media, so as to preserve the reputation of their well-respected town.


The town of Williamsport had been changed for all of history. Eventually word spread about the disappearance and the townspeople started referring to the legend as "Hotel 32." It became a folklore and the grounds became a haunted site that children were warned about going up to for decades to come.

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